Ackley DNA Projects

Informal Ackley DNA Project on GEDmatch

If you would like to participate in an informal Ackley DNA project on GEDmatch (web address is, send me your kit number and I will add it to this list. Anyone who has Ackley ancestors in their family tree is welcome to participate. The purpose behind this project is to allow anyone with Ackley ancestors to compare their autosomal DNA test results from Ancestry, Family Tree DNA, and 23andMe to any other participant to look for family relationships. If you upload your results to GEDmatch, you can compare your results to any of the kits in this list as well as any kit that has been uploaded by any user.

Kit No.            Owner
A235748      Mike Ackley
A590546      Mike Ackley (my dad)
A833645      Mike Ackley (my sister)
A913303      Mike Ackley (my brother)
A588455      Mike Ackley (my dad's Ackley cousin)
A527562      John P. Ackley
F364363      Carol Harrison
A555007      Cathy Salsbury-Wood
A792360      Sarah Wood

Ackley Group Project on Family Tree DNA

If you have results on Family Tree DNA (either you tested with them or paid a fee to transfer from another testing company), you can participate in the formal Ackley surname project that has been set up there. Up until mid-February 2016, the project seemed to be inactive; the link to the project home page was broken, and there was no project administrator listed. I was able to get Family Tree DNA to restore the project and volunteered to be the administrator, so it is back up and running. Although there is not much on it yet, there is a project website on FTDNA at

1 comment:

  1. Mike,

    Your blog is very fascinating to read, especially seeing the documentation and images; and to know we are related, even if it is "way back when..."

    I have sent in my Y-111 test kit and await the results that we can post on the FTDNA project page.

    -George Ackley