Thursday, April 20, 2017

DNA Sale for National DNA Day

[Updated on 4/21/2017 to include Ancestry DNA sale and correct day of the week for National DNA Day (original post said Monday -- April 25th is Tuesday)]

National DNA Day is next Tuesday, April 25, 2017. That is the day in 2003 that the Human Genome Project was completed, as well as the day in 1953 that the double helix in DNA was discovered. Family Tree DNA is commemorating the day with a sale on most of their DNA kits. 

Here are the sale prices that Family Tree DNA is offering. The Family Finder test is FTDNA's autosomal DNA test; that is the lowest price I've seen at any of the testing companies for an autosomal test. The Y37, Y67, Y111, and BigY tests are the male only tests for Y-DNA

If you are interested in doing a DNA test, now is the time -- these are great prices. Here is a link to the FTDNA website where you can order a test:

The sale starts today and goes until 11:59 PM Central time on Thursday, April 27th.

Just so you know, I have no affiliation with Family Tree DNA and I am not pushing their products. I just see this as an opportunity for anyone that might be interested in doing DNA testing. As I have in the past, I encourage Ackley men to take a Y-DNA test if you are interested; we could always use more testers in the Ackley surname project!

If I become aware of sales at any of the other testing companies I will add information as it becomes available.

[Updated for Ancestry sale]

Ancestry is also having a sale. 

Theirs ends a little earlier -- 11:59 PM Eastern time on Wednesday, April 26th. Ancestry's regular price is $99; the sale price is $79. Here is a link to their home page with the announcement:

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