Saturday, August 15, 2020

Update on Y-37 DNA Test Recruiting Effort

We have our five participants for the Ackley surname project recruiting drive. Four of the testers are from "other" Ackley lines; i.e., lines for whom a connection to Nicholas Ackley is not clear or not known. One of these men is a descendant of Lewis Ackley of Ostego County, New York, discussed in this post. Another of the new testers is a descendant of Daniel Ackley, born in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, also discussed in this post. The third member is a descendant of James D. Ackley, born in 1799 in Ostego County, New York. Tester number 4 is a descendant of Edwin/Edmund Ackley of Springwater, Livingston County, New York. The fifth tester is a known descendant of Nicholas's son Samuel.

Test kits have been purchased and sent to each of these men, and a couple have already collected their samples and sent them back to Family Tree DNA. We look forward to receiving the results of these tests and determining how/if they are related to existing project members as well as each other. Hopefully the information we learn will be useful to these men as well as others who are descendants of the lines mentioned above.

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